Pikashow Alternatives(पिकाशो) 2024- A Complete Guide For Leveling Up Free

Pikashow is the supreme app but are you getting bored of Pikashow? Are you looking to level up? Or looking for a replacement? So say goodbye to Pikashow and join the ones who switched to Pikashow Alternatives & dive into the ocean of boundless entertainment.There are many alternatives of Pikashow, a few are paid & others are free to use.

Pikashow(पिकाशो) is the only app providing you with the same streaming qualities as paid but for free of cost. It really doesn’t mean that the app is up to the mark & meets all the demands of users. Entertainment  enthusiasts are free to choose according to their preference. There are unlimited streaming options in the market, paid & free. But a short number is up to the mark. Searching for the app which meets the needs of the user is a very difficult task. Take a deep breath, we have a list of Pikashow Alternatives/pikashow like apps for our users.

What Is Pikashow APK पिकाशो- Pikashow Alternatives Guide

Pikashow online movie watch is an Indian background third party streaming portal. The app allows its users to stream Movies, Series, Live Cricket & 1000+ TV Channels without any subscription charges. Pikashow features the biggest entertainment library for enthusiasts as the app brings a wide range of content. The app is ad free & regularly updates its content. Users can download and watch content offline with this entertainment portal. The app requires no log in / sign up details & is an anti ban application. Pikashow is accessible from all over the world but in a few countries it’s not working due to country restrictions but works under VPN. Read more about pikashow at India’s no#1 online streaming app- Pikashow APK पिकाशो.

Stream Features Of Pikashow– Alternative Guide

Access To Premium Content/OTT Platforms

 Pikashow gives you access to premium content/OTT Platforms ( including Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar etc..) without any subscription charges. The app features the biggest entertainment platform & provides you an endless number of Movies, Shows & Web Series from the 80s to today. The app updates its content on a daily basis. Ensure you enjoy updated content as soon as the content becomes attainable. The app is accessible from worldwide.

Customization Options

The screen of the pikashow online movie watch has many customization options for users to set quality according to their choice. Users can set the audio, video quality , playback speed accordingly. The screen has volume high low options, brightness level (1 to 100)  & PiP mode with single swipe. Customisation is very easy on the Pikashow screen for video quality which is up to 4K & HD. The app gives you one click access to desired content.



Pikashow(पिकाशो) is India’s top rated streaming app with an ad-free environment. The app gives you access to happy streaming because the streaming app is free of ads popping up. Users can enjoy their streams without any disturbance of long and boring ads. This is very safe to use. There is no ads popping up during watch time, users can enjoy Live cricket, TV Shows, Series & movies without any hesitation.

Unlimited Downloading

 The streaming application features the unlimited downloading option via one click. Users can download Movies, Tv shows, Web series or anything they want to download for offline viewing. A download button is available on your pikashow screen to download the content. The app also has an offline viewing option. The application hardly taking 16 MB of your device’s storage.

Wide Range Of Content

Pikashow provides a wide range of content in different genres, categories( fashion, kids, sports, horror, romantic) and covers the content from over the world. The app covers all kinds of data for the audience. Users can watch different dramas, movies and tv channels from different countries. Users can stream, download & explore the wide range of content with the Pikashow app.



 The raising portal is popular among worldwide users for this feature. Users may stream Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood with subtitle options. You can add subtitles to your favorite video, like if you are watching Hollywood but you are Indian, you can add Hindi subtitle to your video. Also the app supports different languages and their subtitles. The app consists of a simple and user-friendly interface.

Premium & Free Pikashow Alternatives-पिकाशो

Here are a few apps users can download instead of pikashow online movie watch. A few pikashow like app are free to use but some(पिकाशो) alternatives are paid, & you have to pay subscription charges to access the app.

Premium Pikashow Alternatives


Netflix is a well known American streaming OTT platform. This streaming app is paid & works in 190 countries. The app requires users to sign in details and access with paid membership. The streaming portal is ads free and requires no extra fee/charges.The app offers a wide range of shows, series ,movies, documentaries & much more for monthly fee RS 250-1100. Download the app by following this link http://netflix.com

pikashow alternative Netflix
pikashow alternative amazon prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime video or http://amazonprime.com is an American platform. The app requires the sign in details of the user for logging into the app. Amazon prime is a paid OTT platform & their subscription starts from 5$ monthly works over up to 3 devices. You can watch popular movies & TV programs on Amazon prime video app. The application also supports offline viewing.


This is an Indian OTT streaming application & owned by Disney Star. Hotstar served only in India ,Indonesia , Malaysia and Thailand as Disney+ Hotstar. The app is paid & covers movies, dramas in 17 languages. Watch your favorite indian content anywhere in allowed countries. But you have to pay monthly charges to access the hotstar. Download the app by following link http://disneyhotstar.com

pikashow alternative Disney hotstar

Free Pikashow Alternatives


If you are looking for a free pikashow alternative, go none other than Momix. The application is free and consists of a wide range of updated content. Momix http://momix.com is a very popular streaming app in India for all kinds of entertainment content. The app is free but has very limited content. Momix is well known pikashow alternative & is free to use.

pikashow alternative momix
pikashow alternative Cinema HD


CinemaHD as shown in the name, app covers movies streaming and TV Shows. The application is available on google play store , its interface is very user friendly. You can use this app without any subscription charges. So get rid of expensive monthly, yearly subscription plans & download CinemaHD. This pikashow alternative seems like pikashow app. So hurry up & download the app to enjoy, click the link to download the app http://cinemaHD.com

Thop TV

Thop TV gives you access to Live TV channels, Live sports, movies & other stuff in 4K & HD quality. The app is ad free & accessible without any subscriptions. The app supports smartphones, tabs, PC & other devices. Content showcased in Thop TV in different categories. The app http://thoptv.com is best for Streaming TV Shows, Series, Movies & live cricket.

thop TV logo Pikashow alternative


In summary, PikaShow APK(पिकाशो) — is the greatest app for entertainment enthusiasts. But people have different taste & choices, we just share pikashow alternatives for our users in the article. These are a few paid and free alternatives for the app. Happy streaming.