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Pikashow FREE movie download APK is an Indian background streaming app, the app offers a large number of pikashow movies, TV shows, series & Live TV to streamers. Its library consists of thousands of movies, shows & series from all around the world. Pikashow online movie watch app offers content in so many languages & caters to a global audience. Pikashow movies regularly updates its content as well as versions which makes it attractive for streamers. The streaming platform offers fresh content for streamers without subscription charges & supply paid OTT for free. The multilingual app supports unlimited downloads to watch offline.

Online Movie streaming on pikashow

Are you an entertainment enthusiast? Or a movie buff? Then go to none other than pikashow HD movies APK. Pikashow online movie watch app gives you access to a wide movie library containing thousands of latest movies from different genres. Including Action, Sci-fi, kids, family, romance, adventure, netflix, series, mystery, horror, thriller, comedy & many others. This online movie watch app is suitable for streamers of all ages. The app is specially designed to cover India’s all streams including Live TV, pikashow movies,sports etc but the app is now covering content from the world.

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Categories under pikashow online movie watch app

pikashow online movie watch app action movies


Pikashow online movie watch app contains different categories in the movies section. Action movies from all over the world showcased in one category under the movies section. You may search the movie name in search bar to stream your favorite action movie. These movies have fights.


Do you want to watch the latest or any old sci-fi movie from Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood? Download & stream no other than pikashow free movie app for android. You just have to put the name of a sci-fi pikashow movie in the search bar & hit the search button to enjoy live streaming. You can access every kind of movie at the palm of your hand.

pikashow online movie watch app Sci-fi
pikashow online movie watch app kids


Pikashow online movie watch app also has content for your kids, that’s why this app is suitable for people of all ages. The kids may enjoy their favorite cartoons & latest series & episodes of kids stuff at pikashow. Well organized content gallery has a kids section for your kiddies to enjoy premium content for free of cost.


Pikashow free movie download APK is a tailor made application for streamers, the app has anything for everyone. Pikashow online movie watch app provides access to a portion named family under the movies section. Streamers may enjoy movies linking with their families & at gatherings. The app promotes Indian family cultures & many more stuff from worldwide. These movies have happy endings.

pikashow online movie watch app family
pikashow online movie watch app romantic movie


Romantic movies from worldwide available all in your movie gallery of pikashow. Pikashow online movie watch app ranks no #1 for streaming romantic movies, no matter which genre of movie it is, just write the name & enjoy live streaming of romantic movies. The app gives you access to premium content without charging money.


Pikashow offers adventure movies for streamers who love to watch adventures. This genre of movies is a bit different from action movies. The app gives access to streamers to all hollywood, bollywood, lollywood adventure movies without charging money.

pikashow online movie watch app adventure
pikashow online movie watch app free netflix

Netflix Series

Pikashow online movie watch app offers all kinds of paid OTT for free. Just write a pikashow movie name in the search box of the category netflix series. Pikashow serves  all kinds of latest series/premium content without subscription charges. Users may enjoy the cinema at home.  

Mystery Horror Thriller

Pikashow features the best movie app that gives users the access to different genres of movies. Wide entertainment library consists of mystery horror & thriller movies sections. The app gathers content from different industries & gives access to streamers all under the same app.

pikashow online movie watch app thrill horror movies
pikashow online movie watch app comedy


Pikashow is the best app to watch movies. Pikashow serves all genres of movies under the same roof. You may stream all kinds of comedy by using this app, these movies are designed to make streamers laugh. All kinds of hollywood and bollywood comedy is available in the pikashow app. These movies have happy endings.

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